Saturday, March 23, 2013

French Theme at Dan & Denise's

Bon Appetit

Denise invited us in, and with a wave of her hand she said, ‘An ode to Julia’. Using Julia Child’s extensive cookbooks, Dan and Denise created an elegant French meal. I don’t know why, but I’m always surprised when other people go through a great deal of trouble to make every aspect of a meal from scratch. I just wasn’t raised that way. My mom made meals from cans, boxes, and from whatever she had in the garden. For example I’ve never made Pate du Campagne in my life.

That Cornichon is this amazing little pastry stuffed with
brie and bits of fruit.I ate too many.

This was my first experience with
Endive Salad. It’s one I plan to
repeat. I thought the endive had a
nice texture, and of course anything
with Roguefort is good!

The French Onion Soup was the best I’ve ever tasted period. It might be the way their daughter diced up the onions J

The Beef Bourguinon was so good I
asked for extra to take home. 
That way I could relive the
experience the next week at work.

And of course they finished with
dessert . . . I tasted the cake,but
I was so full by then I managed
two bites.

They challenged us to bring a French Blended wine. Unfortunately, Joe heard Italian Blend . . . we sampled for 2 weeks before settling on one, only to find out it was supposed to be French. I didn’t have time to taste any French wine, so I just bought a bottle from Bel Aire that had a cool label with a chicken on it J La Vieille Ferme. It was only 9 bucks, but it was good . . . third place, but good! Mark and Melissa took home the medal with Les Halos De Jupiter from Chateauneuf-Du Pape. Dan and Denises was D66! Couldn’t tell you much more than that except we drank every drop and it came in 2nd.

“People who love to eat are Always the best people.” Julia Child

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