Friday, August 28, 2015

Dinner at the Wade's

Taste of the Mediterranean
A family style meal celebrating the foods of Israel, Lebanon, and Turkey. As always the Wades out did themselves... always setting the bar higher. Dan spent most of his Navy days in the Mediterranean and came away from that experience with an appreciation of the food.

Israeli Hummus and Pita Bread
Israeli Tabbouleh
Israeli Falafel with Tzatziki
Lebanese Lamb Kefta
Turkish Chicken Shish Kebabs
Mujadarra (Lebanese Rice and Lentils)

A Sweet Ending
Revani (Turkish Semolina Cake)
Assorted Dried Fruits and Nuts
Turkish Cardamon Coffee

The Gilberts won with a California wine; Cypher, Pistil 2013 Paso Robles, CA (the darker one)
The Shetlers came in second with Bandol, La Pont 2013, France
The Wades got third place, but the prettiest bottle; Gerard Bertarnd, Cote des Roses, France

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