Friday, July 11, 2014

Mexican Fiesta

It was our turn to host the Wine Tribe Dinner, so I pondered long and hard, and decided to fall back on food from our last vacation . . . Playa Del Carmen. I came up with three tacos I’d had in various parts of Mexico; a Basil Shrimp Taco, a Chicken Fajita Taco and a Pork Carnita Taco.
For our wine competition we had the idea to have them blend their own from at least two different bottles. It was harder than you’d think!
I started with a California-Mexican favorite; Guacamole and Tortilla Chips.
Next I did an “every town in Mexico” favorite; Mango, Papaya, and Cantaloupe sprinkled with Chili Powder.
The salad is popular along the border (I purchased from the local Mexican tienda); Spicy Pickled Veggies. A must at any taquería.  
No photo of my favorite . . . the Caribbean Coast classic; Shrimp Tacos with fresh basil and sliced endive.
Another general all-over-Mexico taco; Fajita spiced Chicken, sliced Peppers Duros, and melted cheese.
For the last taco I went to central Mexico; The classic Pork Carnitas with an added twist of chunks of Butternut Squash.
Dessert was simple with different bars of Dark Chocolate, the most unusual being the Tabasco Dark Chocolate. It was very good actually. World Market carries it.
Dan and Denise took home the coveted medallion. They combined Crankcase with Bella Piazza Reserve Port.
We came in second with a purposefully odd combo of Apothic Red with a bit of Hatcher Voignier.
Mark and Melissa mixed two Bjorn wines; Barbera, and a Zinfandel Reserva.

The next day we went wine tasting and met the new puppy at Hatcher Winery. That evening we all chipped in and chowed on pasta salad, corn soufflé, and BBQ pork ribs, followed by poor man’s strawberry short cake. The wine didn’t go to waste J

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